Our first experience in the mission field was in Esteli, Nicaragua and the surrounding villages. We were overwhelmed by the reception of the people and spent a week teaching, preaching and praying for them with an interpreter. We preached in large and small churches, in the city and out in the country. We taught the children in schools and in their neighborhoods. We entered a prison and spoke before twenty some female inmates. We purchased enough rice at the beginning of the week to help feed the people and meat daily to be cooked. Before or after each service we sat with the congregation and ate. The interpreter stayed busy during the services and meals translating for each of us, communicating the love of God to everyone possible. People came forward for salvation, the Holy Spirit and healing. On one particular day, as we were driving back to the hotel, we past a fellow who was on crutches and having a hard time walking. God spoke to my heart and said “go pray over that man’s leg”. I told the driver to stop and I ran back to this person. I asked him what was hurting him through our interpreter and he showed me his leg. It was a mangled mess that he got from a motorcycle accident. I asked him if he knew Jesus and He said yes. I then asked him if I could pray over his leg – quickly he responded yes again and after praying, he started to walk around me without the use of the crutches. I remember looking back as we drove away and saw him skipping along while he carried his crutches over his shoulder. God is so good!

Every morning, we would gather for prayer, breakfast and planning for the day. We even started to like the instant coffee and rice with beans for each meal including breakfast. Due to this experience, we found our calling of God in our hearts for the mission field. We came home very different than when we started. I believe God blessed us every step of the way.