Another mission trip took me to San Pedro Sula in Honduras. There was a team of six that spent two weeks teaching and preaching in numerous churches and in various cities. We were introduced to a special touch of God for those who attended the services. Each one had a different move of God for His people. We based our team for the first week in San Pedro Sula and the second week in Flores. Two of the team members were of the youth age and taught greatly in a school before thirty-plus students.

One of the services were for fifty Pastors and their wives. A fantastic time was enjoyed by all. Some of the Pastors were called out and given guidance from the Spirit of God for their future and their direction. One lady was healed of a heart problem that gave her constant pain. After praying for her, she said the pain was gone for the first time in two years.

On another day as we had shopped at a store for food for the team, we were checking out and I noticed the boy who was bagging our groceries had his right thumb all bandaged up. I asked through our interpreter what happened to his thumb. He told us that he broke it while working at the store. I told him I was going to pray for him and I believe God will heal him. After praying we took our groceries out to our car and was leaving the parking lot and here came this fellow on his bicycle with his wrapping on the thumb gone and as he road past us, he showed us his thumb as he moved it in all directions. He had a smile on his face that said look what God has done for me.

A newness was invested by God into each member of the team. On the Sunday morning service, there was standing room only and God moved mightily among the congregation with salvation, healing and many answered prayers.

We are looking forward to our next trip to Honduras with exceeding excitement through faith. God is such a wonderful, loving God!