While living in South Western Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to attend a weekend at a Catholic Friary in Morgantown West Virginia in 1972. During this weekend, I was Born Again and filled with the Holy Spirit. I was then on-fire for God and was eager to share Jesus Christ with anyone who would listen. After a few years, I back slid because I was not fellowshipping with any believers anymore. The things of this world then became more important to me and I left my relationship with my Heavenly Father to search out the so-called treasures of worldly living. I worked in a steel mill from 1974 until in 1981, and had the chance to change steel mills but it meant a move to Tulsa Oklahoma. I was then married with one child and expecting our second. I went ahead of the family to work and find a home for ou family to live in. The only place I could find was in Broken Arrow, Ok. and across the street from a training center called Rhema. Little did I know that this training center would change me back to being on-fire for God again. We attended Rhema Bible Church for 12 years and I’m still today, learning from the teachings I received there. My job was demanding and when our Corporate company bought two steel mills in the Pittsburgh area, I jumped at the chance of coming back north. In 1998, I retired from the steel mill and took a job in Indiana, PA. with the local transit company. I met a man at church that would become my mentor and still is today. Dr. Bowser and I spent hours upon hours as he taught me about the Prophetic move of God, according to God’s Word. I have been on a mission trip with him and with a team that he discipled. While experiencing mission work and preaching to the lost, my heart found its home in every village we traveled to. For a whole year, I taught at Wednesday night services at a church that Dr. Bowser approved. Today, my wife and I have branched out from him and started our own ministry but we are still under his leadership and direction. We are both enjoying the work of an Evangelist and Teacher. This ministry is built around the desire we have to “go therefore and make disciples of all the nations”.